Who we are

The DCG Halle e.V. - International Institute - ("DCG") is a non-profit association with focus on educational projects between Germany and foreign countries. DCG develops and takes care for partnership programs between German and foreign universities mainly in the field of Bachelor and Master level. The DCG also coordinates projects for professional training with training centers of the German Chambers of Commerce and Industry as well as the German Chamber of Crafts (so called "Handwerkskammer" in German), and their international partners. 

As a main focus of our activities, in these projects we take care of all non-academic, administrative tasks that have to be fulfilled when entering, studying in and leaving Germany or receiving a German certificate or degree abroad. In the meanwhile all program students or course participants can fully concentrate on their studies.

Since the beginning of our engagement in the year 2000, we have served more than 2,000 participants in our partner programs.

We believe that through educational projects between Germany and other countries the understanding among nations will be fostered. 

Our projects & partnerships

During our 15 years of history, we have had activities in many countries in Asia (China, Vietnam, India and Pakistan), East Europe (Russia, Ukraine and Georgia),  South America (Peru) and Africa, (Sudan and Ghana). However, in the last years the DCG concentrated their activities to two countries: China and Ghana. 


China has been the country in which the DCG started its activities and is therefore still the one with the most projects in Higher Education and professional training. 

Since the start of the DCG's activities in the year 2000, the DCG and its partners have supported more than 2,000 program students and participants with its services. In this time more than 1,000 program students received a German & Chinese Bachelor Double Degree and more than 200 got a German Master Degree.


The activities in Ghana started in 2012. 

In the winter semester 2013/14 it was the first time that a German Master degree could be obtained in Ghana. After two years the DCG had already supported 40 students who would never have been able to do the same studies in Germany based on their financial capabilities. 

Currently, the DCG starts to support a local development initiative in the province of Asante nearby Kumasi where it can provide an important contribution with its support services for Higher Education and professional training.